Vietnam wrap up

Goodnight, Saigon!  Our time in Vietnam has come to an end.  We were there for more than two months and we managed to see at lot in that time.

We started in the capital.  We started in the cold.  We ended in the South.  We ended in the heat.  We saw the coast and we saw the rice paddies.  We saw huge cities and we saw tiny villages.  We ate and drank and made friends and memories.

When we left South America I wrote a wrap-up post full of numbers.  I thought I might do the same for our time in Vietnam.  But, when I began thinking back on our time there, it wasn’t the volume of things that stood out to me at all.  Instead, it was the small and significant moments that we enjoyed.  So, here’s a small wrap up in the form of my Top Five Most Memorable Moments in Vietnam.

1.  Making friends in Ha Noi

New friends on a night out in Ha Noi

My memories of Ha Noi are mixed.  I loved the architecture, I hated the cold.  I loved the food, I hated the damp.  But one memory of Ha Noi that’s entirely positive is the memory of meeting a group of new friends out at a Bia Hoi one night.  We ate and drank and translated for each other and laughed a lot.  Amazing people.  Amazing night.

2.  Kayaking in Halong Bay

Andy is paddling happily in Halong Bay

This is something that I have literally wanted to do for years.  We spent a cloudy, misty hour kayaking together around the jade green waters of Halong Bay.  The cliffs rose above us, the water lapped at the kayak and I thought, again, how much wonder there is in the world if you go looking for it.  A fantastic experience to share with my husband.

3.  Cooking up a storm in Hue

Bun tron made for us by Trang in Hue

When we arrived in Vietnam we didn’t plan on spending six weeks in Hue.  But we fell in love with the small city, the great food and the wonderfully kind people at the New Life Hotel where we lived.  Our favourite staff member, Trang, even taught us how to make one of her family’s favourite meals- bun tron.  We cooked with Trang and our new friends Russell and Asia and enjoyed a delicious, authentic meal.

4.  Sunsets on Phu Quoc

Sunset over the Gulf of Thailand on Phu Quoc Island

Andy and I love a good sunset.  Whenever we have a chance we like to pour a glass of wine and watch the sun dip below the horizon.  There’s something very calming and contemplative about watching another day end and Andy and I often have our best conversations at sunset.  On the island of Phu Quoc we spent every evening with our toes in the sand and our eyes on the skies.

5.  Seafood pig-out in Saigon

The remains of a very successful shellfish dinner in Saigon

It was our last night in Vietnam, and I like to think we went out in style.  One last time we squeezed our American bums on tiny plastic stools, ordered icy cold beers and tucked into a feast of Vietnamese food.  This time it was freshly grilled shellfish and we managed to stuff ourselves on scallops, mussels and cockles.  What a way to end our adventures!

This is just a quick sample, a small number of the endless moments of fun, contemplation, deliciousness and laughter that we shared with each other and with the people of Vietnam whilst we were there.  We went to Vietnam hoping to recharge our batteries and regroup.  To get ready to restart our “real life.”  We left feeling rejuvenated, peaceful, full and excited about our next steps.  Thanks for all the memories, ‘Nam!

POTD: Sunrise in paradise

Being in Phu Quoc for five days, we saw some amazing sunsets.  One morning, I got up early to see if the sunrise was worth seeing.  Let’s just say I was impressed!

The first shot is from the beach out towards the water.  The color in the sky was unreal, and it was quite a contrast to the sunsets.

The thatched umbrellas added a nice touch to this photo.

I went down to the water to shoot the sky and the beach.  The clouds were filled with color, and it reflect back onto the water.  This shot was one of the best of the morning.  The view was constantly changing, and It lasted for about 20 minutes.

Just startling color in the morning!