It’s a lot of work

You know what’s a lot of work?  Organising an international move for your family.  You know what else is a lot of work?  Organising three months of travel for your family.  You know what ELSE is a lot of work?  Being a stay-at-home mom to an energetic, dramatic and slightly-too-clever three year old.

So, forgive me if I forgot to mention in my last post where we’re actually GOING when we leave Sydney.  I’ve got a lot going on right now.

My pile of Planning Crap. It's more organised than it looks.

My pile of Planning Crap. It’s more organised than it looks.

To answer the question that many of you asked, when we depart these fair shores we’re heading to Japan for a few weeks with my parents, then Andy, Georgia and I will fly from Tokyo to London and spend about a month around the UK with friends.  Then, in the new year, we’re off to The Netherlands to spend time with more friends.  We’re also hoping to tack on a long weekend in Germany or Luxembourg, and possibly some time in Scotland and Ireland if time and budget permits.

See!!?? That’s a lot to plan!  Then you add in booking moving companies, selling furniture and the car, determining what to pack for the trip versus what to send on to America, cancelling a thousand bills, organising apartment inspections and travel insurance and doctor check ups and about 99 other things that I’m sure I’m forgetting and you can see that it gets a bit full on and we’re eating a lot of take-away pizza right now because Mama is burnt out by 6pm and I’ve already emptied out and cleaned the pantry.

All of which OBVIOUSLY explains why I’m sitting here typing away on our little blog whilst having an apple and a nice cuppa instead of tackling my 72 item to do list for the day.

I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, because I’m SO not.  I’m in my element!  The Type-A Planner in me is LOVING all the notes and lists and Andy even drew me a bubble chart because he knows how much that turns me on.

Have you ever seen anything so sexy?

Have you ever seen anything so sexy?

If you guys have any tips or recommendations for things to see in any of the places we’re traveling, please let me know.  We’ve been to all these places before, but never with Georgia so it’s a whole new thing.  I’ll do a post next week about some of the things we bring on the plane to keep her happy and occupied for 24 hours in a tuna can, so let me know if you’ve got specific questions around that and I’ll try to cover them.

Oh.  Look at that.  I finished my tea.  Guess I’ll go be productive now…

2 thoughts on “It’s a lot of work

  1. You still got this organizer skills! (Also that is a very sexy bubble chart) Thanks for restarting the blog! It gives me great joy to hear of your adventures!

    What does Georgia think of the news about traveling? How do you explain an international move to a 3 year old? How do you think your intrepid mini travel bug will handle 3 months of here and there?

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