Here we go again!

Facebook just reminded me that five years ago Andy and I were in Corioco, Bolivia and I published a post on this blog about our adventures on Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca.  Thanks, Facebook!  As I sit here now, five years later, surveying our crumb-covered apartment in Sydney, listening to our neighbour spend 90 minutes mowing his 3ft x 3ft patch of garden (how long does it take??) and wondering what our little girl is doing at playschool right this minute, I cannot help but think, “My, oh my.  Hasn’t our world changed?”


For those of you who followed along with our blog during the year that Andy and I traveled the world, welcome back!  Let me catch you up….

“Previously on Abercrombies Abroad… Andy and SarahKate returned to Sydney after an adventure-packed year of travel, got an apartment, got jobs, got pregnant, got a different apartment, left jobs (just SK, really), got a baby daughter, got super happy in Sydney, took baby daughter on lots of fun trips and ultimately decided to move back to America for a few years.”



So, that’s where we are.  Andy’s at work, little Georgia is at playschool, I’m at home where I’m meant to be listing our furniture to sell online and booking flights and travel insurance, but instead I’m reviving a blog that no one but my mum and dad will read (hi, guys!)



We’re leaving our beloved Sydney after another amazing stint living here.  We’ve been living abroad for almost 12 years now and moving home to the US was not an easy decision.  In fact, if you’d asked us 3 years ago we’d have told you we were never moving back.  I mean, we named our daughter Georgia.  You just don’t DO THAT if you’re planning to move to Georgia!  (facepalm)  But, there’s something magical about seeing our girl with her grandparents and cousins and having that warm family embrace and also access to free babysitters oh my God why are babysitters so expensive I haven’t left the house in months grandparents are the best come take my kid.



But, ya’ll know us!  We are not just going straight from Sydney to Atlanta.  Instead, we’re hitting the road!  For 3 months!  To 3 different continents!  With a 3 year old in tow!  We’re totally bonkers!  Send wine!

blog1-5 blog1-2

So, I thought I’d revive this blog to document this trip.  Georgia has already traveled a lot (I think she’s been on about 28 flights in her 3 years on Earth) and we’ve learned a ton from our experiences on the road with her so far.  I’m frequently asked for tips about traveling with a kid.  I thought this blog would be a great place to cover where we’re going, what we’re seeing and what we’re learning.

Welcome back!

6 thoughts on “Here we go again!

  1. OMG!
    This is SOOO exciting!!! And we get to be a part of the first third! Thank you!
    I love your writing, travel planning, daughter, husband, life, and, most importantly, your plans to move to GEORGIA!

  2. So happy to be part of the grand tour! Counting my days already to seeing you guys and spending snuggle time (yes, even before 8 :P) with Georgia xx

  3. Love! And congrats on the new adventure! What a childhood Georgia is having! Can’t wait to read more!! Keep ‘me coming! Oh…
    And where to for the 3 months!! Can’t wait to hear!

  4. Whoohoo! Can’t wait for your trip to start! We will be following you online and make sure you are having a fun time in the Netherlands (silently hoping that will be your next move ; -))

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