Phu Quoc Island is a tiny little sliver of Vietnam located about 15kms from the southern end of Cambodia out in the Gulf of Thailand.  There was once some dispute about who owns the island.  Apparently, Cambodia thought the island should be theirs.  But, since we didn’t have a Cambodian visa and we did have a Vietnamese visa, I’m pleased to say that Vietnam won the international game of Rock, Paper, Scissors that surely occurred when they were trying to sort out ownership of the island.

Phu Quoc was kind of our last hurrah in Vietnam.  We’d planned to spend a full six months in Vietnam, but a job offer in Sydney forced us to cut the trip a bit short.  And that’s ok.  We’re SO excited about getting back to Sydney, and we’ve planned a stop-over in Singapore on the way to Australia.  So, there’s still a great deal to look forward to.  And in the meantime, we were on the world’s most perfect beach.  Not too shabby!

We finally found our Vietnam beach holiday!

We flew from Saigon to Phu Quoc, a short one hour hop in a little prop plane.  When we landed our resort had sent a taxi to pick us up and drive us several miles down the coast to our own little piece of heaven.

We would recommend it!

We stayed at Thanh Kieu resort on Long Beach (so named because the beach is pretty long… the Vietnamese are nothing if not literal!)  We had a garden-view bungalow with a big front patio, two beds (only one had a mosquito net, which was MUCH needed), a big bathroom, a hammock and several lizards.  I’m not a great fan of lizards, but Andy ran around photographing the resident lizards for five days!

I think he posed for this picture!

The beach itself was gorgeous… soft sand, crystal clear water that was warm, but still refreshing and comfy lounge chairs under umbrellas.  We spent many, many happy hours reading on the beach and taking little naps during the hot part of the day.  A terribly exciting holiday.

Lounge chairs and tables right on the beach. Many were even closer than this!

The beach was lined with other resorts and restaurants, each of which seemed to do a sunset BBQ every night.  So, after watching sunset on our own beach, we’d stroll through the sand to a nearby restaurant or resort, order fruity drinks and freshly BBQ’d seafood and sit and chat while listening to the little waves lap at the sand.  Then, after we’d gotten fully tucked in to our seafood dinner, we’d rinse our hands off in the ocean and stroll home along the beach.  It may not have been very exciting, but five days on Phu Quoc was a perfect way to wrap up our time in Vietnam.

Simply amazing!



POTD: Sunset over Saigon

We visited the Bitexco Financial Tower in Saigon to have a view over the whole city.  Luckily, we were there for sunset, and we were not disappointed.  Though the clouds obscured the sun, the clouds changed colors and the city came alive.

The sky over Saigon was beautiful.

SarahKate suggested we wait a few more minutes to see the lights of Saigon.  Here is the execution of her vision.  It was extraordinary!

We waited to see all the lights come on in District 1.