POTD: Grilled goodness!

While over in the Citadel part of Hue, we stumbled upon a whole alley that seemed to have numerous stalls of grilled meat.  We love grilled meat; doesn’t everyone?

This first picture is the lady setting up to prepare a plate of grilled duck for us.  The colors are vibrant; the duck looks ready; and there are plenty of sauces!

The master at work preparing our meal.

Next, I caught a picture of the chef preparing the grilled ducks for customers.  It is the ultimate rotisserie!

Duck grilling action!

Finally, we have the finished product.  It was served with a chili sauce and a plate of green herbs.  Tasty!  Love the texture too!

The final product: tasty goodness!

To finish off the day, we saw the stall next door had grilled pork ribs with what looked like the cracklin on top!  Check it out.

Grilled pork ribs next door to the duck.

One thought on “POTD: Grilled goodness!

  1. Skate, I have enjoyed following your and Andy’s travels. Recently I have become a “certified” barbeque judge with a couple of bbq associations. Bob and I have become such “foodies” and reading your posts of what you guys have experienced is wonderful. I am so glad you share your experiences with us! THANK YOU! In the words of Alton Brown, “GOOD EATS”!

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