The senses of Vietnam- sight

This is the final in a series of five posts about the way that Vietnam has touched all our senses during our travels here.  I saved sight until last because I knew that my lovely husband, the excellent photographer, would have some pictures that would illustrate this sense very well.  So, let’s begin.

Vietnam is, in one way or another, a challenge to all the senses.  Perhaps none more so than sight.  This is a beautiful country.  But, there are aspects of life on display here that we, as pampered Westerners, would probably rather not see.  The tiny cages filled to burst with loud, clucking, freaking out chickens for sale in the markets.  The piles of fish for sale that spills out onto the floor and makes the concrete slick with slime and guts.  The local people who squat, right out in the middle of the city, to relieve themselves.  It can all be a bit confronting at first.

These chickens are ready for sale (and slaughter) at a local market

Fish being sold out in the sun on the side of the street

But, just wait.  Wait a few days.  Get over your jet lag, learn your way around a bit.  You’ll stop seeing the dirty parts of Vietnam.  You’ll look right past the overflowing gutters and only see the wildly colourful store fronts, or the crumbling and ancient city walls, or the grace of a young woman on a bicycle.

Colourful sweets and treats for sale at a road side stand

Ancient city walls in Hue

Lovely lady selling fruit from her bicycle

And, if you’re like us, soon all you’ll see is smiles.  The friendly, kind smiles of the people of Vietnam.  The best sight of all.

All smiles in Hue!

Sharing a beer and some smiles

This guy thought that WE were worthy of a picture and laughingly took a few snaps!

A happy night out in Ha Noi

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  1. Happy Smiles! I’ve loved traveling thru VietNam with y’all! Looking forward to another big city and then some serious beach time on Pho Quoc!Keep snapping & writing!

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