In which Andy gets “legless”

No, he didn’t drink too much of the local brew.  But, we were at a bar.  Here’s what happened.

A few nights a week we have dinner and drinks at a VERY local bar here in Hue, Vietnam. We’ve probably been there about eight or ten times in our month here in Hue and we’ve never once seen any other Westerners there.  The menu is entirely in Vietnamese and none of the staff speaks a word of English.  It’s called Quan Duc Ha and it’s our kind of place.

Quan Duc Ha... where nobody knows your name.

The first time we went I could literally not decipher ONE menu item.  And I’m pretty good with menus.  Whenever we travel I make a point of learning tons of food words in the native language.  That way, we never go hungry.  The menu at Quan Duc Ha made a mockery of my translation efforts.  Here’s what I was up against…


What IS all this stuff?

But, we liked the vibe of the place.  We liked the smiling waiters and the happy crowds and the cheap beer and the smells of good food from all the other tables.  So we persevered.  I spent a few hours on the interwebs looking up some of the menu items and we went back and tried a few things, all of which were delicious.  We loved sitting on those little rickety blue plastic chairs, drinking our beers with ice and watching Vietnam flow past us.

Quan Duc Ha happiness!

And it was all going so well.  Until last night.  When Andy broke a chair.  He didn’t MEAN to break the chair.  He’s not fat!  If anything, he’s even skinnier than usual after spending two months walking around Vietnam and eating loads of fresh, healthy Vietnamese food.

But he still broke one of the rickety blue plastic chairs.  Andy has this habit of leaning back very far in chairs, putting all his weight on the back two legs of the chair.  He does this all over the world and usually manages to stay upright.  But this time, not so much.  The back two legs of the chair snapped and Andy plopped six inches down to the floor.

Legless chair

He was a very good sport and laughed along with EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON IN THE BAR.  Andy on the floor was probably the highlight of the evening for most of our fellow patrons.  The waiter who knows us best came rushing over with a replacement chair and Andy hoisted himself up off the floor and poured himself another glass of beer.  That’s my man!  We finished up our meal and left with as much dignity as we could muster.  We’ll be back to Quan Duc Ha for sure, but we’re going to have to go easier on the furniture.

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