Announcing our new addition…

No.  We’re not pregnant!  Calm down, Mom.

Instead, I’m announcing the arrival of a new project.  It’s called Mi Casa-Su Casa.

Right now, this is just a website that I’ll be using for some food-specific writing.  But, in our great and grand scheme, this site will turn into a bit of a community for people who love to eat and drink and make new friends.

In our year of travel I’ve seen firsthand how nothing, not babies, not beers, not birthplace, brings people together like food.  We’ve shared steaks with beef-loving Aussies, cooked multi-course dinners with Dutch friends, spent hours making Christmas feasts with our family, eaten crazy hotpot dinners with Vietnamese groups and, most recently, worked with some new American friends to make breakfast for the staff of our hotel in Hue.

This has inspired me to apply what I’ve learned this year to this project.  I’m hoping that, once our travels are over and we’ve settled back into “real life”, I can still use food as a means of bringing people together.

It’s still very early days, and I’m not going to elaborate too much on where this is all going.  Rest assured, we’ve got big plans.  And I really hope that you’ll join us as we go forward.

3 thoughts on “Announcing our new addition…

  1. We are looking forward to your new project and off course we will join!
    We still remember those great dinners we made in Mendoza & Cordoba; let’s do that again some day :)

  2. Go for it. But don’t forget to feature my all time favourite meal which is “Chips, Chas & Grav” which I recently heard has been poorly copied by the French Canadians called Poutine, but not nearly as good as Cumbria, UK does it.

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