The Imperial City

We came to Hue to escape the dribbly cold of Ha Noi.  We were hoping for some sun, some blue skies and some of the sticky heat that Vietnam is famous for.  We haven’t been disappointed!

The entrance to the Imperial City

We spent one particularly sweltering afternoon exploring the citadel inside the Imperial City of Hue.  Generations of Vietnamese emperors made their homes in Hue and the best part of the Old City is surrounded by thick walls and wide moats.

Temples in the Imperial City

Inside the Imperial City is the Citadel; sort of a city within a city.  The emperor and his servants lived in this stronghold and the grandness of place befits the VIP’s who used to live there.  There are temples and palaces and pagodas galore.

Gate to the Citadel in the Imperial City

Guard of the Citadel... looking fierce!

Guard of the Citadel... ready to defend the emperor!

We explored as much as we could stand in the heat, then retired across the road for a refreshing beverage.  I ordered a coconut because I’ve secretly always fancied drinking what I assumed was the sweet, tropically flavoured liquid in the middle of the coconut.  In fact, it tasted like dish water might after you’ve washed the dishes used to serve a coconut cake.  If I were the emperor, I’d have someone’s head for this!

Lamest. coconut. ever.


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