Colourful Old Quarter

We’ve spent our first week in Vietnam staying in the Old Quarter of the capital, Ha Noi.  The Old Quarter is just that… old.  Ha Noi has been located on this spot for more than 1,000 years.  Many of the buildings look like they’ve been here about that long… crumbling, dingy, a million shades of fading grey and brown.

A riot of colours at the doorway to a local fruit shop

However, in amongst these ancient and washed out buildings you’ll find beautiful shocks of colour and life.  The warm yellow of the flowers being sold by a vendor on a bike, the rickey blue stools lined up at street side cafes, the lacquered red of the bridge to a pagoda… these colours leap out and brighten up what may otherwise be a dull city.  It’s lovely to look at and enchanting to explore.

Red stools and tiny blue tables at a street side restaurant

Yellow flowers and yellow signs brighten up this small side street

The gleaming red bridge to a pagoda on Hoan Kiem Lake

Green and yellow water plant floats at a temple

A street vendor keeps her colourful thermos and kettle nearby

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