Home, sweet home

We’re BACK!!  Did you miss us?  Andy and I have been having a jolly, cozy and delicious time at home in Georgia for the past two months.  It’s the longest we’ve been home in the States for almost seven years, so we really soaked up the time with our families and friends.

I wasn’t planning to write anything at all about our time at home… it felt nice to take a break from blogging and I didn’t think that “Woke up at 9am, ate things, read books, cooked dinner with mom, sat in the hot tub, went to bed” would make for very good stories.

But, I found myself missing this space and missing our blog and wanting to share all the wonderful things we did, the amazing people we spent time with and the gorgeous food we cooked and ate.  So, here’s a very brief rundown of our time in the Peach State.

We arrived home a few weeks before Christmas and promptly went right back on the road!  Andy, my mother and I took a drive up the east coast of the States from Georgia to Rhode Island to visit my grandparents.

Enjoying some local lobsters with Grandpa

Sunset on Lake Tiogue, Coventry, RI

Once we were back in Georgia we got fully into the holiday spirit!  Halls were decked, turkeys were brined and carols were sung!  We spent Christmas Eve with my brother, sister-in-law and niece.  Then we had Christmas Day lunch with Andy’s lovely family and our other niece and Christmas Day dinner with my parents.  Much eating ensued.

Mom, Dad and Cora Jane read books on Christmas Eve

The lovely Christmas tree (and a bowl of something yummy!) at Noah and Dana's on Christmas Eve

With Bill (my father-in-law) on Christmas Day

Andy's mom, Judy, was feeling Christmas-y!

Our niece Ansleigh was in the festive spirit on Christmas Day!

We didn’t exchange presents this year; but, on Boxing Day, we got an amazing gift!  Our friends Paul and Ali from England flew over to spend a week with us in Georgia!  Oh, it was so wonderful to see them.  We drank and talked and ate our way around Georgia.  I loved seeing our hometown through their eyes.

Paul and Ali don't care what you say... they LOVE American beer!!

After a lovely hike at Amicalola Falls

We had other visitors as well!  My childhood best friends, DeeAnn and Katie, drove up from south Georgia to hang out and spend the night.  Proving that friendship can span time and distance, the three of us didn’t miss a beat and were soon laughing and gossiping just like we did at sleepovers in 1992!  I loved that DeeAnn and Katie got to meet Paul and Ali… current friends and past friends getting to know and love each other.

These girls are even more beautiful now then they were at 16!

We rang in 2012 surrounded by friends and family and food.  My parents hosted a party and more old friends (Marjan and Jeremy!) were there to help us start the New Year with hugs and raised glasses.

Ringing in 2012 in Georgia!

NYE with Marjan!

Andy, Jeremy and Paul celebrate 2012!

Georgia... where it's warm enough to sit outside and drink on New Year's Eve! Enjoying the back deck with Ali.

Mom and I throw a damn good party!

Daddy jams his way into the new year!

Andy and I knew that we needed to plan the second half of our trip, but things were fairly frantic until the second week in January.  Then we hunkered down and started planning.  We initially thought that we would leave for Vietnam at the end of January, but Andy had the genius idea of staying in Georgia until after 5 Feb… so we could watch the Superbowl live for the first time in 7 years!

With our flights booked for 7 February, we had plenty of time to bum around.  I cooked dinner for mom and dad most nights.  We spent Saturday evenings with Noah and Dana and precious baby Cora.  We invited Andy’s brother Eric and his family over for spaghetti and meatballs.  My gorgeous friend Jessica and her very smart boyfriend Rich came down from Washington DC to spend the weekend with us.  Andy and I went for a few walks in the north Georgia mountains and stayed in a stunning cabin belonging to our friend Karen for some alone time.

Can't get enough of cuddly Cora!

Dinner with JJ and Dana! Too pretty for pizza!

I heart Jessica Jones!

Noah and Andy... beardy weirdies!

BBQ and bluegrass music with Mom and Dad

Off for another hike in the mountains

Relaxing with a magazine and my new haircut at Karen's cabin in the mountains

The Abercrombie Boys... Eric, Bill and Andy

Abercrombie family lunch

With the Superbowl looming, and our departure date nearing, my mother and I made the executive decision not to host a big Superbowl party.  Instead, we wanted to spend the day at home with family and lots of good food.  Kind of the best idea ever!  Andy, Mom, Dad, and I were joined by Bill, my father-in-law, to eat wings, potato skins and soup and watch the NY Giants win the Superbowl.  It was a wonderful family evening… just what we wanted.

Kitty Cow was very excited about the Superbowl!

Two months sounds like ages, but in many ways it felt like too short a time to be amongst such loving and fun-loving people.  Whenever I used to tell my grandmother, Kathleen, that I felt lucky she would say, “You’re not lucky, you’re blessed.”  We certainly feel lucky and blessed to call such a lovely place home.

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  1. Great essay about some WONDERFUL people in a wonderful place called home…which, btw,is where your heart is! Can’t wait for subsequent posts about where your hearts – & stomachs- are now! Miss and love youse!!!

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