Giving Thanks

Just so you know, I realise that Thanksgiving was about two weeks ago.  But, our blog usually follows us by about two weeks.  This gives us time to process photos, decide what aspects of our journey we’re going to write about, do the writing and some editing.  So, yes.  This post is technically late.  But, in “blog time” this is right on schedule!

Thanksgiving is my very favourite holiday.  A celebration based around the Four F’s (Food, Family, Friends and Football) cannot be anything but Very Good.

However, since we’ve spent the last (almost!) seven years living outside the USA, we’ve not had a “proper” Thanksgiving celebration in a long time.  Instead, Andy and I have found our own ways to make the day special, no matter where we are in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving from Colonia, Uruguay!

And this year, we were in Colonia, Uruguay on the big day!  To celebrate we went for a long walk in the sunshine.  We had an amazing lunch of all local cheeses, meats, and wines.  We watched the sunset.  It was a beautiful day.

An untraditional (but delicious) Thanksgiving lunch!


This year, I’m especially thankful for:

1.  My marriage.
2.  Luggage that stands up to South American bus rides.
3.  My passports.
4.  Our health and ability to tackle the more physical aspects of this amazing trip.
5.  The time and resources to see the world with my husband.
6.  North Face fleece jackets.
7.  Bug spray and sunscreen.
8.  Skype.
9.  Pictures of my niece on Facebook.
10. The support and love that we’ve had from friends and family whilst on this journey.

Sunset on Thanksgiving night

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