Buenos Aires- Recoleta

On our first night in Buenos Aires, whilst eating a great steak and sharing a wonderful bottle of red wine in a restaurant full of happy and attractive locals, I proclaimed to Andy, “I love it here!! I wish we’d rented an apartment so we could stay here for ages!”

A harmless enough comment… unless you’re full of wine and happiness and you tipsily Google “BA holiday apartments” and proceed to email to find out if there are apartments available starting NOW.

Jacaranda tree and fountain in fancy-pants Recoleta, Buenos Aires

And, lo and behold, a lovely lady replied to me the next morning to tell me that her apartment was available on the following day. But, her price was a little too high for our budget. I went back and forth with her via email until we settled on a price that was about US$2 more per night than we were paying at our hostel.  How crazy is that??  Should give you some idea of how expensive hostels are in BA!

The apartment was in Recoleta, a very posh and ritzy part of Buenos Aires. So the next morning, looking like the Beverly Hillbillies with our backpacks and busted suitcase, we loaded up a taxi and we moved to Recoleta.

Lovely old buildings in Recoleta

And in Recoleta we promptly did… not much, actually. If I’m honest, I think we both had a bit of travel fatigue. We had been on the go, constantly moving and staying in sometimes less than salubrious conditions for so long that when we finally got a space of our own (with a bath tub! and a kitchen! and a balcony!) we just sort of collapsed into hibernation.

Not that we didn’t do ANYTHING. We explored Recoleta, visited the famous cemetary where Evita is buried, walked all the way across town to explore the port, got our iPhone stolen on the subway, had friends over for rooftop drinks and dinner, and did a ton of laundry. And the rest of the time we spent reading and napping and sipping coffee in our own little space. It was lovely!

Burial place of the great Eva Peron


In fact, I really think that our time in the apartment was just what we needed to recharge our batteries so we can finish our trip with high energy and lots of our customary enthusiasm for journeys and adventures!

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  1. Your week in BA sounds great! It’s so nice to have an apartment with your own kitchen all by yourself. You remember I (Ilona) never heard of the brand Abercrombie & Fitch before? Now I see it all around and off course I have to think about you two everytime ;). Enjoy your last days in South America and have a safe trip home for Christmas.

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