Cordoba, Argentina

It’s terrible, but when I think about the 2 nights we spent in Cordoba, Argentina’s second largest city, what stands out most was the air conditioning!  We’d just spent a week in the middle of the desert with no air con, so we’d had a week of broken, sweaty and sticky sleep.  We arrived in Cordoba bright and early after a long overnight bus ride and we promptly took cold showers and went for a nap in our air conditioned hostel room.  It was bliss and it made us very glad to be in Cordoba!

View of the local street market from our hostel

Don’t worry!  There’s a lot more to the city than just air conditioning!  Cordoba is home to 7 different universities, so there are tons of quirky little bars and restaurants, some really brilliant clothes shops and excellent coffee… everything the modern student, and the 30 year old traveller, could need!

Starting the day with excellent coffee at a street cafe

Showing off our Patagonia beer and my new earrings at a sidewalk bar in Cordoba

We spent a lot of time just wandering around the city admiring the architecture and the jacaranda trees.  We first saw jacarandas when we were living in Australia, and now we’ve discovered that South America in spring is full of these feathery purple trees!  We love them and Andy tried to capture the brilliant purple on his camera, but it wasn’t always easy!

Jacaranda in front of a church in Cordoba

We met up with Nils and Ilona again in Cordoba, which was brilliant!  In fact, we had bedrooms right beside each other at the top of the hostel we were staying in, so at times it felt like we were back at uni ourselves!  We spent a lot of time hanging out on the massive rooftop terrace with them… sipping wine, eating cheese and laughing.

Happy SK8 and Andy out for dinner with Nils and Ilona

Was Nils trying to break into the cathedral after dinner?

And now… off to Buenos Aires!!!

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