The Empress Has New Clothes

Oh, happy day!

After more than three months in the same three t-shirts from the Gap I finally broke down (i.e. begged Andy) and went shopping in Mendoza, Argentina.  It was glorious!

I suppose I could have finished off the trip wearing just my old clothes.  It would have been the sensible and financially-responsible thing to do.  But, I just couldn’t face those shirts anymore.  And, I’ve lost some weight on this trip so everything was hanging off me like curtains on a rail.  And, I dreaded the idea of rocking up to Buenos Aires, one of the hippest and coolest cities in all the world, wearing my filthy trekking t-shirts that didn’t fit and smelled vaguely of Peruvian roast chicken and the inside of my suitcase. And, I just really, really wanted some new clothes.

So, one evening on our way to meet friends for dinner Andy and I popped into a few likely looking shops on the main drag in Mendoza.  We emerged about an hour later with three new tops, a new denim skirt and a new outlook on life (maybe that was just me?)

Here are some pics of the new clothes in action:

The new blue top (teamed with old grey shorts) is happy to be on a wine tasting trip for the day

Rocking the new flowery shirt and the denim skirt together in San Telmo

Taking my new orange shirt out for lunch

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