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When we set off for four months of travel in South America we expected to see amazing cities, experience new cultures and learn a little bit of Spanish along the way. What we didn’t expect was that we’d meet so many wonderful people and make so many new friends.

During our stay in Mendoza we enjoyed some really great times (and some really really great food!) with some of our great new friends.

First, we had The Best Steak in the World at Don Mario’s with James and Briony. We ordered the Bife de Chorizo, a cut of steak that we thought would weigh about 400g. Still a big steak, but do-able. However, the steaks that we were presented with must have been WAY more than 400g.

Steaks as big as our faces!!

Holy steaks!!

These were the biggest steaks I’d ever seen… and we’d ordered one each! Oops! Andy and James managed to finish their steaks, but I could only finish about half of mine. Made for a delicious breakfast the next morning at the hostel!

Perfectly cooked despite the massive size! Argentines know their way around a steak!

A mountain of beef

The very next night we enjoyed a tapas-style dinner at our hostel with Ilona and Nils. Despite the insane heat (it was about 33C / 90F) we used the hostel kitchens to whip up several small dishes each and we shared them amongst the four of us.

Ilona is an amazing cook and she and Nils made a gorgeous Moroccan chicken dish and a traditional Dutch dish (called Hutspot) with potatoes, carrots and sausages. So delicious! I made spinach and walnut empanadas, sweet corn fritters with salsa and guacamole with homemade tortilla chips. We had a real feast!

In fact, we had such a nice time cooking with Ilona and Nils that we made delicious dinners together three nights in a row!

Tapas night!  Ignore our bright red faces… we’d been cooking in the desert!

Having fun in the kitchen with Ilona!

Cooking again! On our third night cooking with Ilona and Nils.

Aren’t we lucky?? Not only have we seen the sites, we’ve enjoyed good food and wine with good friends. Life doesn’t get much better than this! As the Dutch say, it was “gezellig”!

5 thoughts on “Food and friends

  1. Yes it was super ´gezellig´ and also all the food ´smaakte lekker´! I had a great time cooking together with you and we spent a great time together enjoying all the delicious food and wine with lot of laughing :) Hope we can do this again with the four of us in the future somewhere in the world.

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  3. This is just a guess…but I bet you don’t order a steak “well done” there, huh?? Also, what does PTOD mean? I’ve inferred that the posts with that title are written by Andy, and the others are written by you. Am I right? But, I still want to know what it means?

    • I’d never order a steak “well done” anywhere, but especially not in Argentina! :)

      POTD is Picture of the Day. Andy does all the photography and writing on those posts. In fact, Andy does all the photography for our whole blog!

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