POTD: The scenes of Valparaiso

Valparaiso was an amazingly colorful city.  There is loads of street art (graffiti), and most is actually art!  One of my favorites was down a set of stairs near our hostel.

Fantastic graffiti!

Other aspects of color were in the mundane aspects of life. This is the address for a hostel in Valpo, colorfully done to represent the city and its luminance.

Colorful address tiles

Valpo also has strong character that if shown without color has an antiquated feel.  This black and white storefront was a favorite of mine.

A local restaurant

Finally, my love of sepia served me well at a cafe near where we were staying.  The picture has a relaxed feel to it which I believe comes from the two wine glasses on the table.

A favorite cafe of ours.

One thought on “POTD: The scenes of Valparaiso

  1. I don’t know how you choose just the few photos for these posts – but they’re always PERFECT! as are the accompanying captions. The pics in the last post were brilliantly placed within the text! I also loved the whole Easter Island slideshow on Flickr – several times!

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