Beard Watch: Week 12

This Beard Watch will be the last for some time.  I have found that I am quite happy with the current state of the beard.  Since there are no major changes, there is not much to report.  I am planning to stop regular Beard Watch updates, and instead post only when I have relevant beard pictures or updates.

Therefore, this Beard Watch is mainly about the beard on location.  Today’s beard update is about the beard on a wine tour in Mendoza.  See evidence below (it had a great time, by the way):

Wine amongst friends (one with beard).

Beard and wine


One thought on “Beard Watch: Week 12

  1. “BOOOOOooo” … at the most it needs to be renamed as “Beard on Tour”. Question: are you getting more respect from the locals sporting the ‘well seasoned traveller beard look”?

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