Easter Island

I have started this post three times already and then deleted everything I’d written each time.  I don’t really know how to describe our five days on Easter Island.  Saying that our time there was both relaxing and exciting doesn’t really do it justice.  It was more like… magic.

Our trip to Easter Island was my 30th birthday present, so Andy arranged everything from the flight to the cabin to the car we needed to get around the island.  He did a wonderful job, and I felt like a princess being whisked off to an enchanted tropical island.

A tropical paradise!

Easter Island is in the middle of nowhere.  It was a 4 1/2 hour flight off the coast of Chile… almost 1/3 of the way back out to Australia!  The main draw on this isolated Pacific island are the mysterious Moai.  Built by the original Polynesian inhabitants, these massive stone figures stand guard around the coast of the island… but no one knows why they’re there.

Moai at Anakena beach

I think that’s brilliant.  The idea that there are still some mysteries in this world appeals greatly to me.  We know so much, we’re all so connected and instantly informed.  Spending five internet-free, television-free days in the tropical sunshine overlooked by looming statues whose purpose no one really understands was a great way to slow down, check out, and just be with each other and with ourselves.

We stayed in the most amazing cabin ever.  With a fully equipped kitchen, two front patios, an outdoor fire pit / bbq, a radio playing nothing but island music, and a sweeping view of the ocean complete with our own Moai, it was hard to leave the cabin at all.  We cooked almost all of our meals there and spent hours just reading, listening to music, playing chess, drinking wine and watching the epic sunsets.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent four more enjoyably simple days.

Hola, Sr. Moai!

On our first full day on the island we hired a little SUV to drive around and see all the famous Moai.  The island is small enough to drive around in one day, but too big to walk from end to end easily… and we were all about easy for once!

The Moai really are incredible.  Each one is slightly differently and each of them seem to have their own personalities.  Some are squat and angry looking, some are tall and look like they may burst into laughter at any minute.  Many of the Moai’s have been knocked down over the years by storms and hurricanes.  Some of them are fully intact, but are lying face down on the ground where they’d fallen.  I felt really sad for the face down ones… those handsome, strong faces should be looking out, not staring at the grass!

  This Moai had a very serious face!

While we were driving around the island we stopped at Anakena beach where the sand was as white and soft as icing sugar and the water was crystal clear.  It was heavenly.  We were continually struck by how clean and sparklingly turquoise the water around the island was.  It was like a postcard; but it was real, and we could dip our toes in it!

Anakena Beach... heaven!

The bluest water I've ever seen

The next day we got up early and went into town to buy some fish at the local fish market, which I then cooked for dinner.  We also had bbq’s on two of our nights there… Andy was the master of the fire pit!  We explored the little town of Hanga Roa, the only town on the island, on foot and then promptly went back to our perfect cabin; heaven on Earth.

View of the sunset from our patio on our second night on the island

As we were waiting in the airport to fly back to Santiago, Andy asked me if I’d ever want to come back to Easter Island.  At first I said yes, because there were some hikes we didn’t get to do, and I’d love to spend a whole day on that pristine beach.  But, the more I think about it the more I believe that maybe I should leave well enough alone.  Could it ever be that perfect again??

Sunset on our third night on the island

Then, we happily got upgraded to business class for our flight back to Chile and spent those four hours reclining in huge seats, watching funny movies on big screens and drinking excellent Chilean wines… and I had my answer.  It could never be that perfect again.


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  1. Love the account of the trip, great photos. I think you’re right, this clearly was an amazing place and so remote. There’s many other remote amazing places to discover. There’s romance about a first visit that you will cherish forever and looks like you had beautiful weather to see it at its best. If ever you need to check back on its status, then please send me and I will report back. I can be sent in a cardboard box by DHL if required :)

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