After more than two months of traveling in the relatively poor countries of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, it would not be a stretch to say that we were looking forward to arriving in Chile.  Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia were amazing and I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything in the world… but we wanted consistent hot water, food that didn’t have the hidden potential to kill us, and cabs with seat belts.  We were more than ready for Santiago.

Bienvenidos a Chile!

Santiago street scene

And Santiago did not disappoint!  A huge city with wide, smooth streets, thousands of cute cafes and restaurants, and an up-to-date health and safety policy, Santiago is one of the most modern and sophisticated cities in South America.

Some of the colourful street art from around Santiago

More street art... I love the green!

It’s also a city where you don’t have to DO much to feel like you’ve had a great day.  We spent several days just wandering around different neighbourhoods, trying local foods for lunch, and sitting on park benches watching the lovely Chilean people.  People here eat dinner very late (Santiago is very much like Spain in that respect) and we loved to go sit outside at a cafe and watch the streets come to life at night.

A lomito (roasted pork sandwich) for lunch

Sooooo full from the lomito!

One of the best days we spent in Santiago wasn’t actually in Santiago at all, but in a suburb about 40 minutes outside of the city centre.  We took a bus out to Talagente for their huge Oktoberfest… or Fiesta de la Cerveza!  Apparently Chile had a huge number of German immigrants a few hundred years ago and the Germans brought with them their skills at beer brewing.


Escaping the heat with a wonderful wit beer!

We spent a hot day wandering around the hundreds of stalls sampling locally brewed German-style Chilean beer and watching sunburnt and slightly drunk Chilenos jumping around to um-pa-pa accordion music.  They even did the Chicken Dance.  Some things defy international borders!

This sweet Chilean lady was loving the Chicken Dance!!

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  1. Knife and fork on the pork sandwich was just being polite. I would have been tempted to go all-in with the hands and wild beard and then wipe the grease fingers through the hair once finished :)

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