Andy just cannot pronounce the name of the town where we just spent three days.  The town is called Corioco.  Co-roy-co.  Andy keeps pronouncing it like he’s Japanese or something… Cor-i-o-co.  It cracks me up every time!

We took a little minivan for a three hour ride into the lush, green mountains.  Coroico is a small town tucked into the Andes about 80 kms outside of La Paz.  It’s a retreat for posh La Paz people and gringos who need a few days of quiet.  And we were definitely a couple of gringos in need of some peace and quiet!

Photo taken from the minivan and we headed into the Andes mountains on the way to Coroico

We booked our own cabana at the top of the mountain overlooking the valleys around Coroico.  It was dreamy.  The entire front of our cabin was glass.  We had two balconies and uninterrupted views out to the hills, valleys and misty mountains in the distance.  Since our cabin was at the very top of the complex there was no one to bother us.  No one walking past, no sound of chatter in the distance, no lights from other cabins shining in our abundant windows.  Just quiet, privacy and views that would take your breath away.

View from our cabana during the day

View from our cabana at sunset (I love the reflection of the wine bottle on the kitchen table!)

We also had our own little kitchen.  After more than two months of not cooking, this was a huge treat for me.  We went to the grocery store in La Paz and stocked up on pasta, beans, chorizo, avocados and other necessities.  I was able to cook all our dinners and most of our lunches from the stores that we brought with us.  It was wonderful to play some music on the laptop, pour myself a glass of sweet Bolivian red wine and spend an hour or so cooking again.  God, I missed being in the kitchen!

We didn't even have to get out of bed to enjoy the view

We didn’t actually DO much in Coroico.  We read a LOT (I finished 3 books in 2 days), took naps on the bed in front of the stunning view, and spent hours just watching the clouds blow in and out of the valley below.  It was probably the quietest 3 days I’ve ever spent.  Ever.

Andy reads on the side patio

A make-up free day of relaxing, reading and thinking of... nothing much

So, this post is not about someplace exciting that we went or something unique that we saw.  Instead, it’s about some peace and quiet that we found in the very middle of this amazing, exhausting, thrilling trip of ours.

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  1. It is a beautiful place. Like the location of the bed. And SarahKate you are so beautiful that you do not need any makeup. Enjoying all your postings.xoxo

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