Beard Watch: Week 8

The beard is officially part of me.  This week marks two months (8 weeks) of growth with only minor trimming.  It is very full and has a strong ginger color.  Have a look at the sides:

Right side view

Left side view

We have recently moved to a new country.  Today’s Beard Watch is being brought to you from Bolivia!  Therefore, I’m thinking it is time for a beard change.  In the next week, I’m planning to trim the beard and give it a more respectable look.  It is a bit all over the place, but I’m not ready to get rid of it yet.  Let’s see if we can shape it up a bit.

Final view of the full beard and all its magnificence:

It might be too much hair!

3 thoughts on “Beard Watch: Week 8

  1. You should start to plait and braid it and wax the moustache like Hercule Poirot, I think that would be a winning manly look that all south Americans would respect 😉

  2. There will be pleanty of time to trim it up and give it a more posh look when you arrive home in Georgia in December. I say “Let it flow!” Listen to David Crosbey’s “Almost Cut My Hair” from CSNY. PLUS…I guarantee, South American thugs will be less likely to mess with you when you are doing you Mountain Man persona. :> TKK (How goes the hunt for the drum?)

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