POTD: Architecture of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a wonder of architecture.  The Incas were amazing at using the pre-existing stone and modeling against it to make houses, walls, or structures.  Many times they left large stones in place only to carve stairs into them.  Here are some of the impressive examples of their architecture:

Double doorway jams

What a view!

Carved stairs with shaped stones

Carved stairs into the stone and molded rocks in the Temple of the Sun.

Possibly the most perfect rock wall ever!

The masonry in this wall was exceptional.

Outdoor plumbing

Rudimentary plumbing for delivering water to 16 individual pools.

A jigsaw puzzle of rocks that demonstrate the skill of the masons.

The Artisan's Wall

When space was tight, they used flying stairs.

Flying stairs that are used throughout Machu Picchu.

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