POTD: Cusco in black and white

To finish up our time in Cusco, I’ve put together some of the pics I took from a walk around town with my beautiful wife.  The town has so much history which I think is better shown without color.

This was the best of the lot in my opinion; SarahKate against the magnificent lines of the old Incan blocks that make up this wall.  The picture pulls you in, and her smile grabs your attention.

This was my favorite pic from Cusco.

These next two pictures display some of the beautiful doors and texture found throughout the back streets of Cusco:

A side street in Cusco. The doors and windows are originally in blue.

Love the texture of this shot.

This last black and white picture captures an alley of the old town dedicated to foreigners (gringoes).  We did not spend much time here.  😉

Gringa Alley in Cusco.

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