Chillin’ in Cusco

Most people who visit Peru spend at least a few days in Cusco. The city, which serves as a gateway to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, has more than its fair share of tourists traipsing around in clunky white sneakers, wearing backpacks and talking too loudly. I didn’t actually expect to like Cusco very much… too many pizza restaurants and men in socks and sandals for me. However, I was happily proved very wrong.

A local family sitting on the steps to the church

Houses in the neighbourhood near our hostel

Cusco may have more tourists than you can shake a stick at, but it also has many beautiful colonial churches, small and serene city squares, a vibrant local market and very good Peruvian food. We spent almost a week in Cusco and enjoyed every minute.

I want one of everything! Colourful local market stall.

Even Andy likes my alpaca hat from the market!

We wandered around the city centre, toured the cathedral, had lunch with the locals, drank beers in an Irish pub and spent hours just people-watching. It may have been a bit tame and gringo-ish (there is literally a street in Cusco named Gringo Alley!) but after a month of roughing it in Ecuador, Cusco has felt like a relaxing haven. We’ll be sorry to leave!

One thought on “Chillin’ in Cusco

  1. A delightful post, especially the pic of Andy in YOUR hat! I also want 1 of everything from that market. I love the colors and textiles and YOU! XOXO

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