Beard Watch: Week 5 (on location at Machu Picchu)

Ladies and gentlemen, this week’s Beard Watch is brought to you on location from Machu Picchu (get excited!!!).  On Friday (when we provide weekly beard updates), we were exploring the fascinating and majestic site of Machu Picchu in Peru, as part of our travels through South America.

The beard loved Machu Picchu!!!

I am growing to love the beard and not shaving for a few months.  I do feel it suits me. However, since this is my first ‘serious’ beard, I can’t seem to stop playing with it… (e.g. petting it, smoothing it, brushing it, or picking at it).

The beard is very red/ginger and very soft.  The only trimming I have done is around my mouth to keep it from tickling me; it also helps minimise the ‘flavor saver’ aspect of the beard while keeping it clean.

I have had one Peruvian person admire the beard and mention that he can’t grow one in the same way.  Otherwise, not many men in South America have facial hair (except gringos).

Documentation included:

Believe it or not, I think it suits me.

Side view with a little local ambience from the Urubamba River!

2 thoughts on “Beard Watch: Week 5 (on location at Machu Picchu)

  1. Yup, it’s getting there bud! You’ve got the mountain man look going on in terms of how far it goes down your neck. When I grew mine, I shaved it a bit higher up when back in civilisation, more to ensure access into nice restaurants and stuff 😉

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