We have been travelling now for just over two weeks in Ecuador.  I am thoroughly impressed with my wife and her willingness to experience life.

We have been in constant new places, environments, and situations in this new country.  My wife has been on top of travel arrangements, trying new foods, willing to speak Spanish, or just trying to sort out what the people are saying to us.

It has not always been easy for us, and we’ve changed plans several times.  SarahKate has been excited and courageous, so much so, that it gives me strength too.  Several times, she has stepped up to try something new and been willing to make mistakes.  I find this very honorable, and I am proud of her.  She is most important to me and my life, and she helps me push beyond my boundaries.

My wife makes me a better person and helps me feel full of life.  It is a fascinating place to be…


Look at those smiles!

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