Beard Watch: Week 2

Ok, so we’ve had some drastic changes this week.  The beard has definitely starting to grow, and it seems to be growing in every direction.  It is a little wild and wooly at the moment (especially at the bottom).  I’ve tried to comb it a bit to smooth it out, but I’m not sure it is helping much.

Also, the color is now starting to come in.  There is clearly a bit of Scottish heritage coming through!

'Starting to go all over the place'

As you may have noticed, the beard is getting longer, but my hair has gotten shorter.  We stopped in Otavalo where I was the proud recipient of a $2 haircut.  Great value, though I’m not sure about the cut.  Well, I’m not too picky anyway. Have a look at the haircut in process.  What is she doing?

What is she doing with that comb?

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